The Alphabet: Letter A

The English language and alphabet, is based off the Canaanite/Phoenician/Hebrew ælephbet , which is why we call the pronunciation of words “phonetics”. Alphabet is the first two letters A; Alpha; Aleph and B; Beta; Beith. The word “language” can be thought of as “el-angu-age”, “El” is the Hebrew name of god, El Shaddia, coming from the more ancient Canaanite bull god El, also giving name to Allah, and Ellesan (a name for Shiva), this is why the 22 letter Hebrew ælephbet has 2 sets of 11, beginning with “A; E; or Æ” and “L”. The first begins with the “א; Æleph; Æ; A; E” representing the male phallic symbol called the “blade; ∆” evolving from an upside-down looking “A” symbol for a plow, that is pulled by a bull (which is why we have the term “plow” in relation to sex, “the field needs plowed to sow the seed”), originating from a bull head symbol,  symbolizing strength. The second set of 11 in the Hebrew ælphabet begins with “ל; Lamed; L” symbolizing “leadership”and is said to symbolize a goad, a cattle prod, a shepherd’s stick, or a pastoral staff. The middle part of “language” is “angu” coming from the root “ang” meaning bull/angus and ending with “age”, this leads to the belief that “language” = “the age of the bull god El”.

Shiva, Ellesan, depicted with the moon or bull’s horns on his head.

HiNDU GOD: Shiva

The Egyptain Goddess Hathor in human (left) and

bull (right) forms.

The Egyptian God of the air, Shu, holding up the heavens.

In most European languages the word “el”, being Hebrew for god, translates to the Greek and Latin word “theos”, and “the” in English, giving words such as “Theology” and “theory”. The Latin “theos” is synonyms with “deus” giving name to the deity Zeus.

The letter “T; t”that evolved from the last letter of the Hebrew ælephbet “ת; Tav/Tau” which is thought to have originated from the Egyptian hieroglyph and the Phoenician “Taw” that look just like an “X” meaning “mark”, Are you “here” or “there”?, “there” is “t+here” and “t” looks like a cross just like the letter “X” and “X marks the spot” making “there” and “here” the same. So God is believed to be “The First and The Last” (English/AZ), “The Alpha and The Omega” (Greek/ΑΩ), and “The Æleph and The Tav” (Hebrew/את), or “ET” because God is “Not of This World (NOTW)”, or extraterrestrial (ET). The “Tau” in the beginning of the word “taurus” relates back to the bull god EL.


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