The Unlawfully Legal

Legal and lawful are two different things. Lawful is natural and doesn’t require it to be written. Legal is man made and is required to be legible to be legit.

Laws come from nature and are inalienable, “unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor.”, or in-a-lienable, meaning there can’t be a lien put on them.

Legislations are created by man and can be given or taken away at any time by those that claim to have authority.

The word legislator comes from the Latin word legatus, a Roman ruler over a conquered land and was appointed by the the Roman Senate or Caesar, depending on the time period.

The symbol of Roman authority is a bundle of sticks with a protruding axe head called a fasces and is carried with a Roman magistrate, including the legati to establish their dominion of the people of that region. etymology definite

The fasces was also the symbol of authority for Fascist Italy.

The United States now utilities the fasces in their symbols. Could that mean that the US is a region conquered and controlled by Rome?

US President speaking while flanked by two fasces in the US House of Congress.
The fasces in the wall in the US House of Congress.
George Washington holding a fasces.
The arm rests/front legs of the chair are fasces.

If something is lawful it does not require a licence. A licence makes some things that are unlawful legal. Such as it is unlawful to assaut, restrain, kidnap, and lock someone in a cage, cell, basement, dungeon, or small room, except a police officer can do all of that if they have suspicion because they are licensed and therefore it is believed that they have the authority to engage in these unlawful and otherwise illegal acts. The officers do not have the lawful right to these acts, they have the legal authority, meaning it is still against the law.

Most people have no comprehension or even heard heard about the language Legal English/Legalese, the language used by police, politicians, and court officials. Because of this we are unaware of when we are acting illegally because the legislations are written in legalese and is outside of our current understanding language.

Notice that last image from wiki said “lay readers cannot readily comprehend”. That is done on purpose so that you don’t know how to handle ourselves when we deal with legal officials.

Laws are natural and come from nature, you may have heard the terms “laws of nature/universal law”.

Legislation is created by humans and can be added, altered, and taken away.

From the Declaration of Independence

Laws are inherent from nature, giving all beings “Rights”. “Authority/privilege” comes from legislation.

Rights cannot be given or taken away. Authority/privilege is constantly given and taken away. As most know your never truly own your car or house since you have to register it with the government, this is them giving you the authority/privilege to drive your car or live in your house, by contract or legible writing.


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