The Letter B

ב; Beit/bet/beth or vet

Next, we will look at the second letter of the alphabet the feminine “B;b”, that came from “ב; Beit/bet/beth or vet”, meaning “house”, derived from the Egyptain hieroglyph with the same meaning, and gives us the word Bethlehem which means “house of the bread/meat”, beth=house+, le=the+, hem=”bread/meat” (I will explain the meanings behind “bread” and “meat” later). The capital letter “B” has the appearance of a pregnant woman from the side with the Breasts on top of the Belly. So the masculine “A” and the feminine “B” then gives Birth to a Baby (the father “A” and the mother “B” come together to create the Child/Christ). The trinity, A(1)+B(2)=C(3). When a ship is being unloaded it is at its berth and the word berth comes from bear “to carry; bring forth; give birth”. The products coming off ships require a certificate of manifest, much like a birth certificate. This is why we have the word citizenship because when we leave our birth we are now on the citizens ship. The mother “Bear” teaches the lesson of “Bravery”.

(Figure B) The development of the letter “B”.
Screenshot from Wikipedia page

Also, notice that the Arabic and Proto-Sinaitic symbol for the letter B looks similar to a hook. Like you bait a hook. “Bait (verb): 1. deliberately annoy or taunt. 2. prepare (a hook, trap, net,or fishing area) with bait to entice fish or animal prey.” – Oxford Dictionary. This connects or “hooks” B to the letter V, which we will explore the meaning in a later article.

Again, ABC, Attach+Bait=Catch


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